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Debunking the Top 4 Myths of Weight Loss

Part of the reason why many find losing weight to be an uphill battle is simply the fact that there is a lot of misleading information out there. How many times have you read a resource about how to lose weight only to find that it directly contradicts something that you just read a few minutes before that?

All these pieces of misleading information end up causing a lot of misconceptions, and these in turn just serve to muddle the entire issue. So right here and right now, let’s cut through all the unwanted and unneeded myths, so that you’re better able to lose weight in the best way possible!

1. Weight Loss Needs to be Complicated

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing complicated about weight loss. In fact, the only reason it is viewed as complicated is because there is a lot of misinformation out there that could make it appear to be so.

Really, some of the simplest programs for weight loss often turn out to be the most effective, due to the fact that they have very few ‘frills’ and ‘unneeded extras’ to just complicate the issue while providing no clear cut benefits.

2. Crash Diets Are the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Next up: Crash diets, or ‘fad diets’ as they’re otherwise known. Every so often, people encounter the latest crash diet that is essentially a spin off of all the previous ones, with a couple of extras thrown in to make it unique.

Almost all of these don’t work, and if they do, their results are often reversible and any weight that you lose will end up coming back, sometimes with a vengeance.

3. All Fat is Bad For You

While it is true that fat contains more calories, and certain types of fat are more likely to be stored as, well, fat, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid them completely. In fact, fats are more likely to help you feel ‘full’ faster, and thus stop you from overeating.

Only certain types of fats, i.e. trans fats, are really bad for you, and so avoiding all fat is definitely not something worth doing.

4. To Diet You Need to Measure Every Calorie Consumed and Burnt

Again, this is completely untrue. Dieting is about cutting calories, yes, but you don’t need to be precise and account for every last calorie in the food you eat. Neither do you need to calculate exactly how many calories you burn.

Instead, so long as you’re eating a healthy and wholesome diet, while still keeping your calorie count as low as you can, you’ll be fine.

Now that you know that all these four myths are exactly that – myths, you should be able to see that weight loss really isn’t about complicated diet programs or designer diet pills. All you need is some knowledge, and the will to see a simple program through to its finish and you should find that you’re losing weight better than ever before!


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