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Losing Weight: Do Fruit and Vegetable Diets Really Work Wonders?

One of the most talked about diets of the last decade or so has been the famous ‘fruit and vegetable’ diet types. Numerous people have advocated their use, but equally numerous people have denounced them as being just another type of fad diet. So what is the truth? Do fruit and vegetable diets really work?

Well, for one thing if you expect to lose 30 pounds in a week or something unreasonable like that, then no – they don’t work that way. In fact, anything that does claim to work that way can definitely be dismissed as some kind of starvation diet.

But that said, there are fruit and vegetable diets that have more modest claims, and these could possibly work.

For starters, fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy. Not only do they have minimal calorie contents, but they also come packed with tons and tons of nutrients. Due to this, experts recommend that an average person consume about 5 servings of a mixture of fruit and vegetables daily, if possible.

Mind you that there is a downside here too. Although fruit and vegetables contain lots of nutrients, they don’t contain everything that your body needs. So while you can expect to definitely get most of your nutrients from a combination of fruit and vegetables, you’re not going to be able to get everything.

And that is important.

What this means is basically that you can’t have a completely healthy diet while eating just fruits and vegetables alone. If you do, you’ll find yourself short of various nutrients, most notably protein and iron.

Of course there are ways of addressing this issue, and you could try using supplements or consuming other food types in order to get the nutrients you lack, but somehow you should make certain that you’re able to get these nutrients otherwise you could end up facing other problems with your health.

Otherwise though, fruits and vegetables are going to provide you with a lot of the important essentials that you need, and citrus fruits in particular are an important source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, both of which your body needs in ample quantities.

If you’re thinking about going on a fruit and vegetable diet, here’s the bottom line: It can work, and it will certainly limit your calorie intake, but you just need to be careful that you’re still getting the nutrients that you lack from alternative sources.

Also, you need to watch out that you’re consuming enough to give your body the energy that it needs to go about daily life without feeling lethargic.

End of the day, consuming balanced meals is the key to losing weight, and if you can achieve that while on a fruit and vegetable diet, then you should be well on your way. If you can’t however, then it isn’t worth risking your health for.


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